Fair Transport Europe is a joint campaign for better conditions and fair pay for all employees in Europe's transport sector. This must be achieved via better EU regulations and uniform enforcement of the common legislation, so that unfair competition in terms of social dumping, adverse environmental and occupational health and safety impacts, and misuse of rules and manpower across borders are stopped, in favour of equal competition between Europe's companies and their employees.

The purpose of the campaign is to ensure political and popular awareness and discussion of possible solutions to the challenges faced by the transport industry. This will lead to real political action at the European level – and you can help ensure this. The transport sector is essential to the objective of creating workplaces and growth throughout Europe, and decent conditions throughout the industry are therefore important for all citizens of the EU.

We have 7 concrete proposals for the European Commission

We invite the European Commission to:

  1. In the framework of the labour mobility package to be presented by the end of 2015, set up a working group with representatives from the recognised social partners in the transport sector to discuss measures to ensure the effective implementation of the Posting of Workers Directive 96/71/EC;
  2. Propose strong EU legislation to effectively prevent the creation of letter-box companies
  3. Expand control and enforcement mechanisms to ensure uniform implementation and enforcement of existing employment and social legislation in transport, including the ‘Enforcement Directive’ 2014/67/EU, for example:
    • European platform for all relevant monitoring and labour inspections
    • The pursuit of a higher level of harmonization of sanctions and fines
    • A Directive on minimum standards for labour inspection (based on ILO Convention 81)
  4. Propose rules to end abusive forms of precarious work (e.g.: zero hour contracts, bogus self-employment)
  5. Propose rules to establish joint and several liability in subcontracting chains
  6. Amend Directive 2001/23/EC on transfers of undertakings in order to include change of ownership in case of mergers, take overs and public procurement and to clarify the concept of “economic entity” in a way to extend the benefits of the directive to workers in case of calls for tenders or partial loss of activity.
  7. Work for a broad recognition of a European definition of social dumping

ETF wishes, for example, to stop speculation in and the exploitation of employees who work across Europe's borders. One of the goals is equal pay and equal competition, safeguarding pay and working conditions according to the level and standard in the country in which you work, e.g. when sent out to or employed by large companies that transport passengers or goods across borders.

Fair Transport Europe expects both a broad based debate and strong political involvement during the campaign. The more European Citizens support the campaign, the more likely we will be to make real change and secure a fair transport sector in the future. It is all dependent on the engagement of as many Europeans as possible.

You can contact the campaigndirectly at [email protected] or via facebook.com/fairtransporteurope. Or contact ETF, the European Transport Workers' Federation, via [email protected] if you have questions about the campaign, its purpose or background, and the campaign proposals and demands.

You can follow the campaign on Facebook or Twitter. You are welcome to take part in the debate and share the information among your friends and family. In many countries, the trade unions in the transport area will organise various events to support the fair transport campaign and to improve conditions for transport sector workers throughout Europe. You can also give your support to these events.